Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Nails!

Hello my blooming buds!

I'm going into my fourth and final year of university for my bachelor's degree and I couldn't sleep. I got the wonderful idea of painting my nails with my tired hands. Luckily it turned out pretty decent. I did baby blue toned pink and then made my left ring finger more decorative.

I did a french tip with the silver and then dotted black flowers with a toothpick. When that all dried, I used silver again for the middle of the flowers. I didn't do a top coat since I was just going to wear it for one day.

I only had two classes on my first day, Christology and Juvenile Justice. The next day will have Criminal Law and History of Rock and Roll. As you can tell, I'm running out of classes to take to be a full time student so I filled it with meaningful and fun classes. My Christology class professor is the only one I haven't had before so this semester will have a mostly familiar feel to it. I'm going to try extremely hard not to procrastinate on my papers since I have multiple 10+ page papers this semester. I might work a little less to make more time for research and doing my job well as Vice President for my school's chapter of the Criminal Justice Honor Society and being President for the Criminal Justice club. I can feel that it's going to be a hectic semester already!

How did everyone's first day back to school go?

Buh-bye xo

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