Monday, August 26, 2013

How To || Making Your Lipstick Matte

Hello my blooming buds!

Did you ever wish you could wear your favorite lipstick with a matte look? I'll show you an easy way you can make almost any satin, creme, glossy lipstick into a matte one.

All you need is your lipstick, I have Revlon's Kiss Me Coral, and a couple blotting papers.

First, apply your lipstick like you normally would.

Take a sheet of blotting paper and lightly tap it on your lips so that it absorbs the oils from the lipstick. Carefully peel it off. Reapply your lipstick and then repeat this step with another sheet of blotting paper.

After the second blotting paper, you should be left with matte lipstick on your lips! The photo here is a bit washed out, but in person it is just as bright as if I applied my lipstick normally. This process makes your lip color last longer and makes it more wearable every day.

I hope this was helpful in your lipstick endeavors!

Buh-bye xo

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